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to celebrate us being friends for a whole YEAR!!! we decided to do a big giveaway for all our followers!!


Size 8 Steve Madden Black Suede Wedges (slightly worn)

~  Size 8 Betsy Johnson Ruffle Combat Boots (slightly worn)

~ Baby Pink FujiFilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera 

  •  4 rolls of film included (40 Polaroids

~ Nikon Coolpix S8200

  • 2 Batteries, and 32gb Memory Card Included

~ 1 Ed Hardy Perfume (unused)

~ 1 Barns & Noble Nook w/ Blue Case (slightly used)

~ $10 iTunes Gift Card

~ Little Mix DNA Delux Album 

~ $20 Books-A-Million Gift Card

~ MARC by Marc Jacobs “Shelter Island Colorblocked Percy” Black & White Leather 

~ iPad Mini (never used)



~ we will ship worldwide so where you live is not a problem

~ you may like this post as a bookmark but they will not count as an entry

~  you may reblog this however many times you want but sideblogs will not be counted

~ winner will be announced May 9th

~ no giveaway blogs

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Anonymous asked: Go suck a giant dildo

Why would I when I have the real thing ;)

Preference #27 You have a son (3/5)

I apologize for the lack of these! I need lots of motivation because im taking hard classes and on top of that i do 2 sports. Ok anyways this was suggested by Brandy :) enjoy

Liam: You were laid out on the couch with your head resting on Liam’s lap when you felt a terrible wave of pain strike your stomach. You shot upright, clutching onto your stomach. You were nearing your due date, so you knew it was time. ” Babe are you ok?” Liam asked, worry evident in his eyes. “Its time Liam.” You mumbled as he ran to grab the overnight bag you packed weeks ago, slinging it over his shoulder. You stood up carefully, holding onto Liams shoulder for support. “Ready to go meet our baby boy?” Liam asked, smile spread across his face. You nodded following him out to the car, driving to the hospital where you gave birth to a healthy boy.

Louis: “He should play football for the school.” Louis said. This hasnt been the first time he has said something like this about your son… “Let him do as he chooses. Dont force him to do something he doesnt want to do. This sounds something more you want, not him.” Your son was anything but athletic… “Im just saying… I mean he has it in his blood. I did use to play.” He joked, earning a light punch to the arm. “Talk to him about it. But if he doesnt want to then just let it go and be supportive.” You said, motioning towards your son’s room. After a while you noticed your son walk out and walk up to you. “Mom why did you let him talk to me about football again? You will never catch me out there chasing some ball.” You laughed, ” I know, but you know how your dad is…”

Harry: You were laid out on the hospital bed, drugs just starting to kick in. Harry walked in, taking the chair next to you, grabbing ahold of your hand. “How are you feeling? Is there anything I can get for you?” He asked, rubbing small circles over your thumb. You shook your head, smiling wide from the effects of the strong drugs. “Ok baby.” He whispered as he placed a kiss on your forehead. You felt another contraction start, the worst one yet. The doctors rushed in, opening your legs as you felt the pain return, squeezing Harrys hand tightly as they told you to push. “Comon baby, we can barely see the head. Your doing so great.” Harry said, holding one of your legs. You fought back the urge to scream, pain becoming almost unbearable. You just wanted to give up until you heard the tiny cry. “Its a boy.” The doctor said as he placed him onto your chest. Your felt tears well up in your eyes as they picked him back up to clean him off. “Hes so beautiful.” You managed. Harry looked down to you, smiling wide, “and we created him. Good job baby”

Im sorry i couldn’t finish the rest i was out of ideas… hope you liked it and please reblog/like if you did :)

Anonymous asked: hi my name is brandy can you do one where i have a son.

Sure :) il start after I finish hw and I’m sooo sorry I’m slacking on the updates! Il try to be more productive. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

saverockandrollerskates asked: Wow friend u haven't gotten on in a while wow

Yess and I’m sooo sorry! I’m taking lots of AP classes so I’m super busy. Il do more prefs soon I promise! :)

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Anonymous asked: 13

13. Yes :) and some other really close friends too :)

Can we talk about how squeezeable  his ass is? 

Can we talk about how squeezeable  his ass is? 


Nialls selfies

Harry’s selfies



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